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Project: Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht the Netherlands
(Opening augustus 2014)

Project: BBC Nomad (fifth ave) New York, US
(Opening augustus 2014)

Bij Teus nominated for Hospitality & Style award

On Monday 25 March 2013, the coveted Venuez Hospitality & Style Awards 2012 will be awarded
to the eight leading venues, the entrepeneur and the very best bartender of the year.

Vlammm dreamer Bij Teus has been nominated in the category

Best Restaurant Design.

Bij Teus
Bij Teus
Bij Teus
we sell and create tastes, so taste your dream...


dare to make your dream come true?

we are a dreamtailor, making your dream fit, to enter the real world as a one of a kind opportunity.

making the impossible possible!

challenging you, architects, contractors, designers, crew and suppliers.

so in the end everybody dreams your dream! starting with ourselves!

make up your mind

so we have to read your mind… get to know you or your brand.

we use our mind-map to get that cleared, reading your mind to get the best picture.

a map that everybody in the end will use and needs to follow.

after we analyze the map in the market we get started


its now our turn to use our brains.

your mind-map, mixed with our brainstorm sessions will grow a concept.

of course in further stages testing may change a little bit, but you can almost taste your dream.

design your dream

now the concept is clear, it's time to design your dream.
we use the best people for the job, fitting your budget, from architects till marketing agency's.

all this time everybody follows your map.
we keep challenging them to get the best results, not only creative but also in budgets.

keep in mind...
we work for you!

taste a dream

finally you can taste your dream. it's a place you dreamed off for a long time.

and of course you want to share your dream with everybody, so we start spreading the news, which puts you in the spotlights!

besides we shall help you through this opening stage by coordinating the dream for the first 30 days.

we still have the don't worry...

bad dream

to make sure our concept works the best for you, we can take care of it if you like. It's like a little baby, sometimes it needs an extra hug... we call it the aftercare program.

and now its time to wake up

do you like it so far?

then call us and we will make sure that you don't stay a dreamer...

Vlammm conceptmakers
Kokkestraatje 37
3961 BM Wijk bij Duurstede
The Netherlands

t: +31 343 410 314

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